Health Advice before Pregnancy

Published on November 7 2013

Health Advice before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle. Every woman is going this pregnancy process. To give birth for a child is a god gifted technique for women. Read here some important tips before pregnancy tips:

  1. Consult your doctor before becoming pregnant.
  2. Changing on your daily food means eat healthy foods
  3. Exercise! Start on daily exercise on daily, it helps you to stay in shape during pregnancy.
  4. Maintain your pregnancy book or dairy.
  5. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, its harm to your baby.
  6. Join a prenatal yoga or exercise class.
  7. Avoid chemicals that could possible harm your baby.
  8. Before you get a pregnant see your teeth in your dentist. Brush your teeth twice in a day.
  9. If you are some particular medicine allergic problem tell your doctor.
  10. Rest when you can.
  11. Read some good magazines or books.
  12. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
  13. Go to doctor for regular check up or sonography.
  14. Include your food dairy product, fruit and vegetables, meat and protein related foods. Read here what pregnant women should eat and diet in pregnancy.
  15. Put your hand on your tummy, and talk to your baby.
  16. Pack your bag before going to hospital and birth center.

Written by Amiya Foster

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